Your home care service on your own terms

We've worked in the elderly care sector since 2006 and provide home care service to elders and people with disabilities.

We begin with the encounter of people. Only you know how you want us to help you. We will do everything we can to ensure that you get the help you need, at the times you want, from the staff you are most comfortable with.

We are there as a helping hand, feel safe in our care.

We're here

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Home care service

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Home care service, respite care at home, and accompanying.

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Home care service, respite care at home, and accompanying, including children and young people.

Applying for home care services

If you are still living at home and find it difficult to cope with your everyday life, you can apply for assistance under the Swedish Social Services Act. To find out whether you are entitled to home care services or other assistance, you must apply to the municipality's social services. The municipality is compelled to examine your application.

Contact the municipality where you are registered. Then apply for home care services via their application form.

You will then meet an assistance officer, who will give you the opportunity to describe what kind of help and support you need. The assistance officer will then review your application and make a decision. The decision is then sent to you.

You can now choose your own home service care provider. You can choose between municipal and private home care services. Inform your assistance officer which provider you have chosen. We will then receive your decision.

We will then contact you to plan how you want your help and support to be organized.

If you already have home care services but want to switch to us, contact your assistance officer in your municipality who will assist you.

Support for relatives

Home care services can be anything from assistance with simple tasks for a few hours a month, up to more extensive efforts several times a day. We will help you with everything that you or your relatives can no longer manage. We will assist you so that you can stay at home longer and make you feel more secure at home. As a customer of ours, you have the opportunity to receive home care services on your own terms and have a large influence over how your granted efforts are organized.

We see our staff as the most important tool to fulfil your needs in your everyday life.

To create a good relationship and for you to feel safe, we believe it's important that you can express yourself and be understood in your home language. We have therefore focused on ensuring that our staff have a wide range of language skills.  In addition to Swedish, they speak Arabic, Syrian, Kurdish, Persian, Tigrinya and Somali. Our goal is for our staff to speak the same language as you.

Are you respectful of others? Are you passionate about working with older people who need help with their daily lives?

Then you are welcome to apply for a job with us

You need to be an assistant nurse or care assistant. We prefer that you have experience in elderly care. You should be positive and flexible, easy to work with and have a good knowledge of the Swedish language. It is also good if you know several languages. Attach a personal letter and your CV.

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